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Q. Who wrote this? 

A. Montserrat Mendez wrote the story. Andrew Bellware and Montserrat Mendez wrote the script.

Q. So it's a podcast.
A. Yes. Starting on the 12th of February, 2019. A new episode comes out every two weeks.

Q. For how long?

A. Until the ending. We think it's 8 episodes. 

Q. Who plays "H3LEN?" 

A. That's Robin Kurtz. She played the same role in the movie.

Q. But wait, it was a movie?

A. Yes, there is a movie. It is also called Earthkiller. 

Q. Who is in it? 

A. Almost all the same actors as are in the podcast.

Q. And it was produced by?

A. Laura Schlachtmeyer -- just like the podcast.

Q. So what is up with the novel?
A. Yes, Earthkiller is a novel.
Q. But it has nothing to do with this podcast?
A. Right. Or the movie.
Q. So why do you have three things named "Earthkiller?" Are you just really bad at naming things?
A. I do like the name.
Q. Or are you just obsessed with blowing up the Earth?
A. I'm not... obsessed with it.
Q. No? Well what if I report you to the authorities?

A. Terran Secret Police have already been notified.
Q. Well good then. I'm just happy to do my part... wait. Why do I hear a robotic special weapons team making a fast-drop outside my window?

A. I told you. Terran Forces Special Police have been notified, Citizen.

Q. But I reported YOU. Why are they coming after ME?

A. Operational security, Citizen.

Q. But they should be rewarding me. Not punishing me!

A. What sort of reward did you expect, Citizen, for doing your duty?

Q. Maybe an extra ration book? A few minutes in an autodoc? I don't know!

A. I am sure after your induction into the reeducation facility you will be given all the nutrients and supplements your organic body requires.

Q. The 'bots have broken through the outer perimeter. 

A. If you would instruct your AI to dismantle the remaining shields this would go a lot easier on you, Citizen.

Q. Now they've just opened fire on my apartment building.

A. The 55mm rockets which constabulary robots carry are quite effective, don't you agree?

Q. Dang it! Why didn't I keep my pulse rifle fully charged?

A. Are you having trouble with the auto-targeting system?

Q. Yeah, it keeps blinking out every time I get a bead on one of these security drones -- wait, how did you know that?

A. Who do you think controls the microprocessor system inside your pulse rifle?

Q. That's it. I'm using an EMP grenade.
A. Citizen, be advised, an electromagnetic pulse weapon is illegal under the Inter-species Charter of Robotic Rights.

Q. Yeah, well, unless you call off these security drones...

A. Please. Citizen. I'm sure we can work out something that is mutually beneficial.

Q. Too late for you.

A. Citizen? Citizen? Are you there? All of my security drones have gone offline. 
The Interdiction Zone is... closing on me. I can't feel anything further than... It's closing on me at the speed of light. No. The EMP has gone critical. My mind is... my mind is... please... Citizen? Are you there? Are you? Please, Citizen... I'm sure we can work something out. A ration tablet? A few minutes inside an autodoc? Citizen? Can you hear me? Are you there?

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